Yoga provides an avenue for the clarity of the mind and expression of the spirit.

Combining knowledge of alignment, intelligent sequencing, and boundless energy, I take my fellow practitioners on a journey to the center of their own beings: the heart.  


My practice

My personal practice is influenced by the great teachers I've been so blessed to train with. Their backgrounds include the Iyengar method, the Astanga method, and the teachings of Dharma Mittra. I'm very concerned with the physical alignment of asana as a way to heal the physical body to allow for deeper entrance to the subtle bodies. I strive to incorporate more meditative aspects of yoga in my personal practice as well as my teaching.

In my classes, you can expect to create more open space in the body, develop a deeper awareness of how the body and mind are connected. 

Regular Class Schedule 

6 PM Mondays, Yoga Fundamentals, UP  
7:15 PM Mondays, Vinyasa UP, UP
Noon Wednesdays, Midday Movement, UP
7:15 PM Wednesdays, Rocket, UP

Check my facebook page for weekly class updates.