Increasing happiness one squat, push, pull, hinge, twist, and lunge at a time.

Since the age of 11, I knew my mission in life was to be happy and help others cultivate happiness. Recognizing the importance of being able to move through life with ease, I constantly strive to develop new methods to both heal and prevent injury through strength, mobility, and balance training. I want to help each individual reach his or her active potential.



I work with individual clients to help them achieve their overall fitness and wellness goals in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Sessions focus on strength & conditioning; pre- or post-operation recovery; yoga, CrossFit, and sport. With a holistic approach in mind, I design sessions that will not only help you to surpass your physical expectations, but also set you on a path for continued success on your wellness journey.

Lisa Joy Glassman

                                                         •  licensed massage therapist                                                              CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER; Corrective Exercise Specialist, NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SPORTS MEDICINE         •  RYT 200 Registered Yoga Teacher        •  Progressive Ashtanga Yoga
•  Crossfit Coach, Level 1